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ae625455 - Aqua Excellent Jacuzzi Perfume Winter Orange Ceder

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Relax and enjoy yourself optimally in your MSpa or jacuzzi with this Aqua Excellent scent. This Aqua Excellent perfume is composed on the basis of essential oils and fine herbs. The big advantage of this product is that the Aqua Excellent scents are completely non-greasy and dissolve completely in the spa water. This bath perfume also leaves no residues on the walls or pipes of your spa. Make sure your water is in the right condition, the optimal water temperature is between 35 C and 39 C degrees Add 1 capful of bath perfume per 700-900 liters of water (do not use too much!) All Aqua Excellent fragrances do not foam. Content: 200 ML

Brand: Aqua Excellent


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